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Sermons & Study Guides

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Basil the Great on Trinitarianism Letter IX to Maximus - Jim Dodson

James Dodson

The words [or, “reasonings;”λόγοι] are really [lit., “existing;” ὄντως]images [εἰκόνες] of the soul [ψυχῶν]. We observe thee, in fact, bythe letter [γράμματος], so much as, itis said, fromthe claws of the lion;1we have taken delight to discover no idle disposition [διακείμενον] concerning the first and greatest of the good...

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Basil the Great Homily XXIV on Trinitarianism - Jim Dodson

James Dodson

Judaism contends with Hellenism, and both with Christianity [literally, “Christianism”],  they  are  warriors  even  with  Israel,  like  as the Egyptians  and Assyrians  and  others;  this,  and  we discover  in  the  evil,cowardice  and  rashness and  other  corresponding  things,  even  insolence. Whence  is  such a thing...

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