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Sermons & Study Guides

Basil the Great on Trinitarianism Letter IX to Maximus - Jim Dodson

James Dodson

Basil the Great.

Letter IX. To Maximus the Philosopher.

1. The words [or, “reasonings;”λόγοι] are really [lit., “existing;” ὄντως]images [εἰκόνες] of the soul [ψυχῶν]. We observe thee, in fact, bythe letter [γράμματος], so much as, itis said, fromthe claws of the lion;1we have taken delight to discover no idle disposition [διακείμενον] concerning the first and greatest of the good things, even that love to [the] God and to the neighbor.2But we consider a sign [σημεῖον] of it [i.e.,love to neighbor], on the one hand, in thy kindliness concerning us, on the other hand, [we consider a sign] of it [i.e.,love to God] in the zeal concerning knowledge [γνῶσιν]. But, it is familiar [γνώριμον] to every disciple of Christ,thatin these two things is the whole.2. But, you seek after the things [i.e.,the words] of Dionysius, they indeed came unto us, even very many; the books, at any rate are verily not ready at hand, so we have not set out the very thing. Read entire document here...