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Sermons & Study Guides

Basil the Great on Trinitarianism Letter VIII to the Caesareans - Jim Dodson

James Dodson

Basil the Great.

Letter VIII. To theCæsareans, an Apology Concerning the Place of Safety and Concerning Faith.

1. Often I have wondered,how at length ye are affected towards me and whence ye are so much discomfited by our deficiency, by the unimportant and slight and none having equal affection, and by reasons [λόγοις] ye urge uson in friendship, even putting us in mind of the fatherland, even as anyonewho flees paternal affections toward himself again makes an attempt to return[ἐπιστρέφειν].But that I, indeed, have become a fugitive I confess [ὁμολογῶ], and I do not deny; but the cause [or, “responsibility;” αἰτίαν], if it be yearned for, has been learnt already. Being exceedingly amazed, indeed, by the unexpectedness at length, just as those who, hearing sudden noises,are at once amazed, I have not held back the reasons [λογισμούς], but, wandering [φυγαδεύων]far off [cf.Ps. 55:7; LXX, 54:8],asI have abode from you a sufficient time, yet, nevertheless, also yearning that any of the divine [θείων] dogmas [δογμάτων] and the philosophy [φιλοσοφίας] concerning them come into my mind [ὑπεισῄει]. For how could I be able, I say, to prevail over [κρατῆσαι] the evil [κακίας] dwelling [συνοικούσης]in us? Who will become to me a Laban, ridding me of the Esau and guiding [παιδαγωγῶν]3[me] towards the heavenly philosophy [φιλοσοφίαν]? Read entire document here...