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Sermons & Study Guides

Basil the Great Homily XXIV on Trinitarianism - Jim Dodson

James Dodson

Homily XXIV.

Against Sabellians, Arians, and the Anomœans.

1. Judaism contends with Hellenism, and both with Christianity [literally, “Christianism”],  they  are  warriors  even  with  Israel,  like  as the Egyptians  and Assyrians  and  others;  this,  and  we discover  in  the  evil,cowardice  and  rashness and  other  corresponding  things,  even  insolence.    Whence  is  such  a  thing  but from   the   straightness[literally,  “orthodoxy;” ὀρθότητα]of   the   confession [ὁμολογίας] on  each  side  choosing  to  war;  they  proclaim,  from  the  one  side,  of Sabellian,  from  the  other  side,of  the  Anomœan[i.e.,“dissimilarity;”ἀνόμοιον].1But  we  flee  both  from  Greeks,  and  turn  away  from  the  worthless  idolatry,  and condemn  the  polytheism [πολύθεον] which  is itself atheism[ἄθεον];  so,  we also flee from the blasphemy of the Jews disowning the Son of God, putting to flight that threat; “Whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven[Matt. 10:33].” Read entire document here...