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James Dodson


Miami Meetinghouse, Logan county, Oct. 20th, 1854.

The Reformed Presbytery met at the call of the Moderator, and was constituted by prayer. Members present, Rev. D. Steele, Rev. J. J. Peoples, with Messrs. James Williams, of Brush Creek, and Thomas Fulton, of Miami, ruling elders. The following elders, on invitation, took seats as consultative members, viz.: John D. French, Robert Mitchell, and Matthew Mitchell. Rev. J. J. Peoples was chosen Moderator, and Mr. James F. Fulton, Clerk. The minutes of last meeting were read and approved. Unfinished business was called for, when Rev. D. Steele submitted a draught of Causes of Fasting and Thanksgiving; which, being accepted, read, and considered by paragraphs, was adopted. It is as follows:


1. The human mind continues to break the trammels of ages to some extent, both in Europe and America. Political and ecclesiastical dogmas of antichristian origin are fearlessly canvassed, and in some instances rejected. Indeed, we may indulge the comfortable hope that the Lord Christ is about to fulfil his promise—“Behold, I create new heavens and a new earth!”—to relay the foundation of social order.

2. We ought to mark with thankfulness the hand of God, in raising up able instruments in Congress and throughout the land, to resist the encroachments of slavery.

3. God employs manifold instrumentalities to carry the holy Scriptures to distant heathen lands, that they may “hear in their own tongues, the wonderful works of God.”

4. The accession of Rev. James J. Peoples to our fellowship, and the re-organization of the Reformed Presbytery, are events which call for thanksgiving to God; and, as we trust, they are answers to believing prayer, so should they stimulate to abounding gratitude, unwavering fidelity, and enlightened zeal, in defending and propagating our covenanted reformation.


1. Among the calls to the duty of fasting and humiliation may be noticed the present European war. As all “wars and fightings come of the lusts of men,” so this contest demonstrates the predominating power of unsanctified human nature among the nations of Europe, and that the power of the gospel is little felt.

2. The same is lamentably true of the great mass of society in this land, evidenced by the late surprising increase of the slave power, as also in the extension and boldness of Popery.

3. There has been of late a remarkable display of instability among the professing disciples of Christ—ministers and people; thus manifesting that carnal motives and ends influence heart and life, more than the love of truth or the glory of their Master.

4. The judgments of God have fallen upon many parts of this land during the past year. Tornadoes, inundations, conflagrations, drought, and pestilence, have destroyed extensively both property and life.

5. The improvements of the age are abused and prostituted to gratify the lusts of wicked men, and employed especially to the profanation of the holy Sabbath.

The last Thursday of November to be observed in thanksgiving; the last Thursday of February, 1855, in fasting.

Rev. D. Steele reported that he had moderated in the call by Miami congregation, which resulted in a unanimous choice of Rev. James J. Peoples. The call being submitted to Presbytery, was sustained, presented to the candidate, and by him accepted. Rev. D. Steele was directed to install Mr. Peoples as early as practicable.

A petition for supplies from Walnut Ridge, was granted; and Mr. Peoples appointed to supply at least two Sabbaths till next meeting of Presbytery. Several verbal petitions were heard, and complied with as far as practicable.

Rev. J. J. Peoples was directed to superintend the studies of Mr. J. F. Fulton till next meeting.

On motion, the Presbytery adjourned with prayer, to meet at Brush Creek on the first Wednesday of October, 1855.

JAMES J. PEOPLES, Moderator.


October, 1854.