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James Dodson


West Fork Meeting-house, June 5th, 1854.

The Reformed Presbytery was re-organized with prayer, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Zion’s Head and King. The ministers and ruling elders who co-operated in the act, were Rev. Messrs. David Steele and James J. Peoples;[1] with ruling elders Messrs. Matthew Mitchell, of Miami congregation, and Matthew Mitchell, of Brush Creek congregation.

Rev. D. Steele was chosen Moderator; and M. Mitchell, of Brush Creek, Clerk. The Moderator appointed Rev. J. J. Peoples, M. Mitchell, of Miami, and M. Mitchell, of Brush Creek, a Committee on the Signs of the Times; after which the court adjourned to meet at the house of Rev. D. Steele, at 6 ½ o’clock, P.M. Closed with prayer.

Presbytery met at the place and time appointed, and constituted by prayer. Members all present.

A petition was presented from Miami congregation, asking the moderation of a call. Their prayer was granted, and Rev. D. Steele appointed to preside in the moderation at his earliest convenience; and in the mean time Mr. Peoples was directed to supply that vacancy, attending to any business belonging to his ministerial office.

Adjourned by prayer, to meet at the same place to-morrow, at 8 o’clock, A.M.

Same place, June 6th, 8 o’clock, A.M.

Court met, and was constituted by prayer. All the members were present. The Committee on the Signs of the Times not being prepared to report in full, various heads of causes of fasting and thanksgiving were agreed upon, and Rev. D. Steele directed to write them out at his convenience, and present them to Presbytery if it should meet in the fall; if not, to the different Sessions in our connexion.

The name of Mr. James F. Fulton was put on record as a student of divinity under the care of this Presbytery, and Rev. J. J. Peoples appointed to direct his studies till next meeting of Presbytery. Adjourned by prayer, to meet in the bounds of Miami congregation at the call of the Moderator.

DAVID STEELE, Moderator.



[1] Mr. Peoples had been previously in the fellowship of the Associate (Secession) Church connected with that party styled “The Associate Presbytery of Philadelphia.” Having been unsuccessful in attempting to effect reformation in that Presbytery relative to the civil institutions of this land—believing that no Christian can consistently take the oath of allegiance; he felt constrained to withdraw from the body.

After competent intercourse with us, conversing in private, and publicly exercising his ministerial gifts; as, also, after free interchange of views relative to doctrine and order between Mr. Peoples and the General Corresponding Society, they did, with great unanimity and cordiality, co-operate in the presbyterial re-organization.