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James Dodson


BRUSH CREEK, October, 1855.

Presbytery met according to adjournment, and was constituted by prayer. Members present, Rev. J.J. Peoples, Rev. David Steele, and Messrs. Thomas Fulton and Matthew Mitchel, of Brush creek, session ruling elders. Rev. J.J. Peoples was continued Moderator, and M. Mitchel appointed Clerk. Mr. James Williams, elder, was invited to a seat as consultative member.

The minutes of last meeting were read and approved. Unfinished business being called up, it was stated that the days of fasting and thanksgiving had been duly observed by all under Presbytery’s inspection. Rev. D. Steele reported that, according to the direction of Presbytery, he had installed Rev. James J. Peoples as pastor of Miami congregation, on the 23d of October, 1854. All appointments of supplies had been fulfilled.

The Moderator reported that Mr. J.F. Fulton was progressing in his studies under his direction, and inasmuch as it is understood that Mr. Fulton has not devoted much attention to the study of Hebrew, Presbytery recommend that he pay more attention to the acquisition of that language. An essay on the inspiration of the Scriptures having been forwarded to the Presbytery by Mr. Fulton, it was read, and approved as giving creditable evidence of improvement; and the Moderator was requested to continue to superintend his studies, directing him to prepare for oral delivery, at next meeting, a discourse on the Headship of Christ.

A petition for supplies from Walnut Ridge, Indiana, was granted, and Mr. Peoples directed to supply there at his convenience. Court had to recess for twenty minutes, after which Messrs. Peoples, Thomas Fulton and the other members of Miami session, were directed to prepare and report causes of fasting and thanksgiving, without undue delay. Messrs. D. Steele and James Williams were appointed a committee to examine the "Form of a Covenant," in overture by the Old Light Synod, and ascertain wherein it is defective, redundant or unfaithful, and endeavor to have their strictures published. M. Mitchel was added, by vote, to this committee.

Presbytery appointed the last Thursday of November as a day of thanksgiving, and the last Thursday of February, 1856, as a day of fasting, by all under their care.

Adjourned by prayer, to meet in the bounds of Miami congregation on the first Monday of October, 1856.

JAMES J. PEOPLES, Moderator.

M. MITCHEL, Clerk.