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James Dodson

THE REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN CATECHISM is, to a considerable extent, a compilation. The author, without hesitation, has laid under contribution every author to whom he had access, of any distinction, who has written upon the peculiar principles of the REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. He is indebted chiefly to Drs. WM. SYMINGTON, McLEOD, J.R. WILLSON, Mr. Mc[K]ENNY, and others. Yet there is a large portion of it original matter, drawn from manuscripts long since written. The compilation has been the most difficult part of the performance. He has not declined to adopt the precise form of expression, or style of the respective writers. He does not consider the work a perfect performance. It may call forth some one more competent to the complete execution of such a work. It may serve, however, until a better work is produced, the purpose of a manual of instruction, and a collection of arguments and facts confirming and illustrating the “Distinctive Principles” of the church of which he is a minister. The author is aware of its defects, and will not be vexed by criticisms: but earnestly requests those who find fault to labor diligently for the production of a better, which he will hail with pleasure.