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James Dodson

Question. How many are the peculiar and more prominent principles of the Reformed Presbyterian church?

Answer. TWELVE.

Q. What are these?

A. The doctrines of

1. Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion in general.

2. his Exclusive Headship over the Church.

3. The supremacy and ultimate authority of the word God in the church.

4. Civil government a moral ordinance of God.

5. Christ’s headship over the nations.

6. The subjection of the nations to God and to Christ.

7. The word of God the supreme rule in the state.

8. The duty of nations to acknowledge and support the true Christian religion.

9. The spiritual independence of the Church of Christ.

10. The right and duty of dissent from an immoral constitution of civil government.

11. The duty of social covenanting, and the permanent obligation of religious covenants.

12. The application of these doctrines in the form of a practical testimony, to the civil governments where Reformed Presbyterians reside.

Q. What is meant by “peculiar” principles?

A. Those which distinguish Reformed Presbyterians from other Christian denominations.

Q. What is meant by “prominent” principles?

A. Those which, though hold by some other denominations, are not made practically a part of their testimony.