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James Dodson

Katharina von Bora, Martin Luther's wife, with several different headcoverings.

Katharina von Bora, Martin Luther's wife, with several different headcoverings.


"We read of old of such as were grave, that they covered themselves with a vail: And 1 Cor. 11 married women going abroad uncovered is looked upon as unnatural; What would such say if they lived in our times; we are perswaded the gravest amongst women are most averse from this evil, and the lightest are most prone and given to it ."—James Durham, The Law Unsealed: Or, A Practical Exposition of the Ten Commandments. (1675).

 Heading 3.—Of an husbands superioritie over a wife, to be acknowledged by a wife. 
         6. The very (h - from Chrysostom. in 1 Cor. hom. 26) attire which nature and custome of all times and places have taught women to put on, confirmeth the same: as long haire, vailes, and other coverings over the head: this and the former argument doth the Apostle himself use to this very purpose, 1 Cor. 11.7 &c.

h. Sicapilli pro velamine dati sunt, qua gratia ahud addendu est velamen? Ut non tantum natura, sed etiam, voluntate subjectam se esse confiteatur. ["And if it be given her for a covering (veil)," say you, "wherefore need she add another covering (veil)?" That not nature only, but also her own will may have part in her acknowledgment of subjection.]—Chrysostom hom. 26—William Gouge, Of Domesticall Duties. (1622).