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Terms of Christian and Ministerial Communion.-1761-Reformed Presbytery, of Scotland, Ireland and America.-These are the terms of communion as they were adopted by the Reformed Presbytery, in 1761.  The American church abandoned them in 1806; the Scottish church in 1822; the Irish church later.

The Constitution of the Associate Reformed Synod in America Considered, Disowned and Testifyed Against.-1787-The Reformed Presbytery, Scotland.-This is the Presbytery's response to the news of the defection of several ministers into a merger between ministers of the Reformed Presbytery and Associate Presbyterian communions. Abandoning principles, this "union" left three or four bodies where there had been two.

An Explanation and Defense of the Terms of Communion.-1806-John Reid II.-A discussion of why the church needs to have terms of communion together with a defense of the terms of communion adopted by the Reformed Presbyterian church. This was written and issued as an official production of the presbytery.

A Short Account of the Old Presbyterian Dissenters.-1806-John Reid II.-This is a second work commissioned by the Reformed Presbytery, of Scotland, and intended to be introductory to the history and distinctive practice of Covenanters.

Address to the Reformed Presbyterians and other Christians in British America.-1834-Reformed Presbyterian Church, of Scotland.-An address of counsel for those who are scattered and dispersed without any regular access to faithful ministry. These are some of the concerns that should be studied in your relative isolation in order to maintain and promote true religion.

Lectures on the Principles of the Second Reformation.-1841-The Reformed Presbyterian Church, of Scotland.-A course of lectures which seeks to take up every distinctive position maintained by the RP church. This volume represents a reasonable overview of doctrines related to the Mediatorial reign of Christ and public social covenanting.