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James Dodson

The Great Whore of Babylon.

The Great Whore of Babylon.


"The Papists think the Protestant Doctrine is dangerous to Salvation; and the Protestants know the Popish Doctrine to be so."—Matthew Poole, The Nullity of the Romish Faith. (1666). 

Works Against Romanism: 


Eighteen Sermons on 2 Thessalonians 2 on the Growth and Fall of Antichrist.-1679-Thomas Manton (1620-1677).-A series of Puritan sermons defending the Protestant doctrine that Rome is Antichrist and that the Pope of Rome is that Antichrist seated in the temple of God--the church. These were published posthumously with a recommendatory preface by Richard Baxter.

The Church's Prayer Against the Antichristian Beast, and Her Other Enemies, Explained and Enforced.-1714-Thomas Boston (1676-1732).-A fast sermon wherein the crimes of Rome against Britain are recounted along with the present struggle against Romish supremacy. In the course, Boston defends the Protestant doctrine that the papacy is Antichrist.

THE ANTICHRISTIAN SYSTEM. LECTURE IX.-1814-Alexander McLeod.-In this lecture, M'Leod explores several theories regarding the identity of the Antichrist. Ultimately, he rallies the arguments to show that the papacy of Rome is that Antichrist prophesied by Daniel and Paul. This, as he shows, is the Protestant doctrine of the Antichrist.

THE TWO BEASTS. LECTURE XII.-1814-Alexander McLeod.-A thorough discussion of the identities of the two beasts-the civil and the ecclesiastical. In the course of this lecture, M'Leod makes a excellent case for applying the number of the beast (666) to Latinus, the Latin empire-civil and ecclesiastical.

An Inquiry into the Times that shall be Fulfilled at Antichrist's Fall, the Church's Blessedness in her Millennial Rest,-1818-Archibald Mason.-Five discourses on prophetical subjects each containing many pious notes and counsels. Although his predicted time table has proved wrong at points, many of his observations remain true and await their proper time of fulfillment.

Popery, the Mystery of Iniquity.-1829-William Symington.-A series of three sermons designed to identify Romanism as the mystery of iniquity and what Protestants should do about it.

Dominion of Christ.-1846-Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland.-A short article containing a statement from the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland on the duty of the magistrate with respect to Popery.

Come Out of Her.-1860-William Symington.-This sermon contains many hints to the correct interpretation of prophecy and clearly identifies the Papacy as the “Mother of Harlots.” Its excellence is in its exegetical content; however, the author had, by this time, succumbed to the vice of entering into “voluntary associations,” a practice condemned by our faithful Reformers and Covenanting forefathers.