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Negro Slavery Unjustifiable

James Dodson

"Am I Not A Man and A Brother?"

"Am I Not A Man and A Brother?"


A Preacher of the Gospel ought not to be patiently listened to even, who eloquently depicts the blessings of that liberty with which Christ hath made us free, while he holds his fellow-disciple, him to whom he administers the symbols of a Saviour’s redeeming love, in a most dreadful and lacerating bondage.”—George Bourne, The Book and Slavery Irreconcilable (1816). 

Discourses, Lectures and Sermons:


Negro Slavery Unjustifiable.-1802-Alexander McLeod.-A sermon on the unlawfulness of holding men in perpetual slavery through man-stealing.

Tokens of the Divine Displeasure, in the Late Conflagrations in New-York, & Other Judgments, Illustrated.-1836-James R. Willson.-A sermon that calls attention to the several lamentable dispensations of providence as provoked by national infidelity and negro slavery.

The Higher Law, or the Law of the Most High.-1851-William Louis Roberts.-A spirited postmillennial account of the mediatorial reign of Christ which seeks to answer the question of what we should do when man’s law conflicts with God’s law, discussed against the backdrop of the fugitive slave law.