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Sermons & Study Guides

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Form Of Presbyterial Church-Government Pt. 7 - Deacons.

James Dodson

They  are  found  in  Christ’s  catalog  of  church  officers distinct  from  all  other  officers extraordinary   and   ordinary—helps,   1   Cor.   12:28.      The   Greek   word ἀντιλήμψεις[antilempseis]  properly  signifies  “to  lay  hold  of  as  in  taking  up  some  burden  or  weight.”  Metaphorically, it is here used...

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Form Of Presbyterial Church-Government Pt. 10 - Of The Ordinances In A Particular Congregation.

James Dodson

 Prayer being an expression of dependence and reliance upon God is an ordinance in a single congregation.  God’s people are commanded thus to offer their desires unto him, Ps. 62:8.  Christian prayer, being offered through the mediation of Christ, is to be offered in his name, John 16:23; and that by the grace of his Spirit...

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