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The Christian Magistrate: A Discourse.

James Dodson

1832-Thomas Houston.-An excellent survey of the qualifications and duties of the civil magistrate. Houston is particularly helpful to explain how a Christian magistrate is responsible to establish the true religion and his power circa sacra. His discussion of punishing heretics and idolaters required a full length defense which he issued the following year. This is a strong indictment of theological liberalism and its tendencies.

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The Reviewer Reviewed, and The Covenanter and Testimony of the Reformed Presbyterian Church Vindicated,

James Dodson

1833-Thomas Houston.-A vigorous defense of his discourse on the Christian Magistrate from charges of being contrary to the received doctrine of the Reformed Presbyterian Church. Mr. Houston demonstrates the depth of historical support for this doctrine. This pamphlet also has much to teach about historical testimony and the engagement to walk in the footsteps of the flock.

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James Dodson

1857-Thomas Houston.-A volume written to instruct the Irish Reformed Presbyterians in the duty and obligation of covenanting in consequence of their covenant “renewal” in Dervock, 1853. This volume contains much of historical value and concerning the doctrine of covenanting generally. However, it is defective in its views of the manner of covenant renovation.

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