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Are Hymns Idols?

James Dodson

1874-Anonymous.-An article taken from the Reformation Advocate magazine which asks a much needed question about hymns and why they are so difficult for people to abandon in order to sing the inspired 150 Psalms collected in the Bible's hymnal.

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A Reply to Morton on Psalmody: To Which is Added A Condensed Argument for the Exclusive Use of an Inspired Psalmody.

James Dodson

1851-Robert J. Dodds (1824-1870).-This is the last salvo in a series of 19th century books on the war over exclusive psalmody amongst various groups of Presbyterians. Dodds takes up the cause of God and truth against hymn singer George Morton and examines the merits of his criticisms on John T. Pressly's work on behalf of Psalmody.

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Preface to the Bay Psalm Book

James Dodson

1640-Richard Mather (1596-1669).-An essay affixed as a preface to the Bay Psalm Book (1640), almost certainly the work of Richard Mather (one of the translators), explaining the philosophy of translation employed together with reason why literalism is to be preferred over smoothness in metrical psalmody.

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