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Christ’s Headship.

James Dodson

1847-John McAuley.-In this first of three articles, McAuley discusses the identity of natural moral law with the Ten Commandments and why he understands magistrates to be deputies under Christ even though he admits the office itself flows from God as Creator.

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Dominion of Christ: Part 1.

James Dodson

1848-John McAuley.-This second article of three defends McAuley's position from charges of deriving civil magistracy from grace. In it, he also discusses and defends the idea of Christian magistracy and its relation to grace. His discussion of the two forms of the law (and the two covenants) and man's relation to each is of particular note and quite helpful to remember.

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Protest and Declinature

James Dodson

1873-John McAuley.-In this Protest and Declinature, John McAuley explains how the RPCNA ceased to be the Reformed Presbyterian and became something radically different. This suicide of the Covenanter identity within the RP Synod necessitates separation and demands honesty on the part of those who continue to claim to be Covenanters under the umbrella of the “Covenant of 1871.”

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