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The Vow:

James Dodson

1831-James Renwick Willson.-This sacramental sermon focuses on the doctrine of oaths and vows. It discusses the implications of vows for people in various connections, from members of the church to nations. In this, Mr. Willson has much to say about public social covenanting in church and state.

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Reasons of dissent from the Act of Synod rescinding the Act, which ordered the Congregations to read the lines in the public singing of the praises of God.

James Dodson

1847-James Renwick Willson.-Dissent over the allowance of the Synod of 1847 dispensing with the necessity of lining of the Psalms in the public worship of God. Undoubtedly his reasons are still unpopular with those whose mindset rejects order and charity in the worship of God.

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Public Covenanting.

James Dodson

1849-James Renwick Willson.-A terse defense of the binding obligation of the Solemn League and Covenant upon the United States. Willson treads where few American Reformed Presbyterians wish to go explicitly; yet, he demonstrates both the how and why of this obligation with arguments which every real Covenanter must acknowledge as demonstrations.

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