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James Dodson

1829-Archibald Mason.-Mason begins with a careful discussion wherein he distinguishes kinds of testimony (i.e., human and divine) and the faith each requires. He also distinguishes saving faith from other kinds of faith. Additionally, he has an edifying explanation about the Trinity and saving faith.

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James Dodson

1829-Archibald Mason.-Herein Mason discusses the objects of saving faith (i.e., the Word of God and God in Christ) and the warrant for this faith. This section includes a useful exposition of the Gospel offer and its freeness without falling into Arminianizing tendencies.

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James Dodson

1829-Archibald Mason.-In this discourse, Mason discusses the question of how a Christian can obtain a proper knowledge of saving faith, both objectively and subjectively. This involves making the necessary distinction between the principle and exercise of saving faith.

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