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Argument on the Arminian Controversy.

James Dodson

1836-Reformed Presbyterian Church, in America.-This Overture, prepared by Rev. Moses Roney, a member of the Synod, presents an excellent overview of the Arminian controversy in its history and doctrine. It presents a vigorous defense of Calvinism following the order of the "five points" as discussed at Dort. His discussion on the Arminian assertion of "common grace" is particularly helpful. 

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Historical Sketch, &c.

James Dodson

1817-James Renwick Willson.-An informative, if uneven, treatment of the history of the doctrine of the atonement. This portion of the book contains Willson’s historical insights together with a wealth of information about numerous early American Reformed and Presbyterian bodies complete with an outline of their controversies.

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Of the True, Real, and Safe Grounds of Encouragement to Believe in Jesus Christ; or, Upon What Warrants a Sinner May Adventure to Rest and Rely Upon Christ for Salvation.

James Dodson

1649-George Gillespie.-A short but very important essay by Gillespie on the nature and extent of the atonement. In it, he shows that the notion that the atonement was of universal scope is destructive to the Gospel and the undermines the exercise of true saving faith.

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