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The Spiritual Illumination of the Gentiles, Coeval with the Conversion of the Jews.

James Dodson

1814-Archibald Mason.-An excellent Postmillennial sermon explaining the Biblical rationale for believing that the future conversion of the Jews will be accompanied with a worldwide spiritual illumination of the Gentile nations. While not having every matter in order, Mason does achieve his goal of demonstrating from Scripture the revival that will overtake both Jew and Gentile shortly prior to the Millennium.

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Appendix to an Inquiry into the Prophetic Numbers Contained in the 1335 Days:

James Dodson

1818-Archibald Mason.-This supplemental essay was written by Mason to defend his contentions regarding the beginning of the 1260 year apostasy. Particularly, he is critical of a paper written in defense of starting that period in 756 A.D. Much of his criticism revolves around his belief that civil power is not necessary for the constitution of Antichrist. In this, it is our belief that Mason was wrong; nevertheless, his discussion is helpful to studying prophetic numbers.

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