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Supplement to Part IV.


Supplement to Part IV.

James Dodson

1. Man is a free agent, unconscious of restraint in his volitions by the immutable decree of GOD; and it is impossible for him, in any instance, to avoid fulfilling that decree; yet the law of GOD—not his decree—is the rule of human conduct, and the standard of final judgment. Gen. 20:6; 50:20; Acts 21:14.

2. It is a Christian’s duty to pray for the church of CHRIST—to inquire diligently into her scriptural character, and seek covenant blessings in her communion. Ps. 122:6-9; Col. 1:9; Heb. 13:18,20,21.

3. When a majority violate the scriptural terms upon which church members were united, it is lawful for the minority to separate, testify against the defection, and walk by their former attainments. Acts 19:9; Rev. 18:4.

4. The “Book of Psalms” is to be used as the matter of praise to God, in the metrical version adopted by the Church of Scotland, to the exclusion of all substitutes or imitations.

5. No Christian can beat true allegiance to Zions King and Governor among the nations, and at the same time take an oath of allegiance or fidelity to the government of the United States, or any other immoral government; hold civil or military office under them; enlist to wage war in their defence; exercise the elective franchise; or act as a juror, thereby incorporating with the national societies in their persistent rebellion against God; or use language appropriating any of their institutions; nor can a Covenanter practice what is commonly called “occasional hearing,” or join in union prayer meetings, without contradicting his own testimony.

6. Nor can a Christian lawfully join any secret oath-bound society with persons of diverse religious professions.