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Supplement to Part II.


Supplement to Part II.

James Dodson

FOR as much as a good number of people in the north of Ireland have acceded, and submitted themselves to the presbytery, and one of their number is fixed among them as their proper pastor; the presbytery intended to have subjoined something by way of appendix to the above Testimony, with relation to the state of religion in that kingdom, especially with regard to the settlement of the Presbyterian religion there. But as diocesan Episcopacy is the religion there established by law, against which the presbytery has declared and testified (as above) as an anti-scriptural, anti-covenanted, and merely a human and political settlement (whether considered abstractly or complexly with that in the kingdom of Scotland), there needs nothing be further said anent it. And as those called Presbyterians in Ireland, are equally enemies to the true covenanted Presbyterian cause with those of the Revolution Church of Scotland; so the above testimony equally strikes against them with the other. There seems, however, to be this considerable difference betwixt the Presbyterians in Scotland and Ireland, viz: That although the settlement is the same as to the matter of it, yet so it is not as to the form or manner of it, the Presbyterians in Ireland neither having, nor claiming, any other security or foundation for their different mode of religious worship than the royal indulgence, or toleration act. And therefore, as the presbytery did and do testify against toleration, and toleration principles, disclaiming such an anti-scriptural shelter; they therein, of consequence, bear witness and testimony against all such as do in these lands (where GOD has given his people a claim of another kind) professedly dwell under such a shadow. But besides, the presbytery view them (complexity considered) as unworthy of their regard or notice in these papers, as to engaging in any particular or explicit testimony against them, in as much as they have denuded themselves of almost any pretense to the Presbyterian name, by not only disclaiming and opposing the true Presbyterian cause, but having also fallen from the belief and profession of the most important and fundamental truths of Christianity; thereby plainly discovering themselves to be creatures of quite another species and spirit, than the ministers of JESUS CHRIST, and friends to the blessed spiritual Bridegroom; deserving rather to be termed a synagogue of Libertines, a club of Socinians, Arians, Pelagians, &c., banded together against CHRIST, and the doctrines of his cross, than a synod of the ministers of the gospel. Therefore, as the presbytery testify and remonstrate against them, their toleration, or indulgence footing, on which they professedly stand, together with their poisonous jumble and medley of errors, commonly called New light, adopted, and with the greatest warmth and diligence, spread and propagated by most of them, and connived at and tolerated by the rest, and all their books or prints written by them, or others of the like spirit with them, in defense of these dangerous and damnable tenets; so they do hereby judicially warn and exhort all the people under their inspection there, to beware of such men, and such books, however they may varnish over the doctrines they bring, with fine words, fair speeches and pretenses, in order to deceive the hearts of the simple; and this, as they would not incur the displeasure of a holy and jealous GOD, and have their souls defiled and destroyed by these errors. On the contrary, to endeavor to have their minds and understandings enlightened with the knowledge of the truths of CHRIST, and mysteries of his gospel, and their hearts warmed with the love of them; so that being through grace established in the belief of the truth, they may not “be as children tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;” Eph. 4:14, 15. “But speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things unto him, which is the Head, even CHRIST;” and striving to refrain and keep themselves from every wicked, offensive and backsliding course, and to live soberly, righteously and godly, blameless and harmless as the sons of GOD, without rebuke, adorning the gospel of CHRIST with a conversation becoming the same; so shall they thereby glorify GOD, and transmit a faithful testimony for the despised truths of CHRIST to posterity, that so there may be a seed to do service unto him in these lands, and make his name to be remembered through all generations.