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The Publisher to the Reader.


The Publisher to the Reader.

James Dodson

IT hath been a grand design of the Devil and Instruments acted by him, with much controversy to darken the light in the very breaking up of this present Reformation, and to hide the precious Truth that the simple should not find it, such pure malice doth he carry against the high way of the Lord [Isa. 35.8], and so afraid he is, that the Way-faring men shall not err therein: but they know not the Counsel of the Lord [Mich. 4.12], nor the thoughts of his heart, who is about to clear the Truth, by the manifold Errours which have risen in these late Times, to work His people’s hearts to a deep detestation of Errour, as well as ungodliness, and to declare his Truth, to be proof of all the controversy that can be moved against it, when every Work shall be tried by the fire. There must be Heresies [1 Cor. 11.19], for making manifest who are approved, and what is precious and praiseworthy Truth, but at the Evening time it shall be light [Zech. 14.7], and the Lord shall make Truth shine the more brightly, that it hath been for a time darkened and born down, this cloudier Morning shall end in a clear day. This little treatise doth help to blow away and dispel the mists of Errour, and clear many questioned Truths, beside some points which are practically handled therein. If God had been pleased to lengthen the Author his life for longer serving his Generation, I am confident it would have come abroad better polished, if he had completed it and there surveyed the whole Work, when set together. But although this piece be unperfect, yet having the Authors leave, I have adventured to make it Public, without any addition or alteration, the Christian Reader will correct the Errata, and look upon it as it is his opus posthumous, whom God made very serviceable in his work, in a very short time: I shall only wish that it may prove as useful and acceptable to the judicious and godly, as other pieces which came from his Pen.

I am Thy Servant,