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Preface to the Second Edition.


Preface to the Second Edition.

James Dodson

THE first edition of this treatise having been for some time past exhausted, and frequent applications being made for it, the Author has been induced to present to the public a second edition; Shortly after the publication of the work, a reply from the Author of the “Inquiry” made its appearance. In this reply, 1 have not been able to discover anything in the way of argument, which renders it necessary for me to change a single position which I have taken. It has not, therefore, been thought necessary to notice this reply further than simply to advert to the argument of the Author, in a critical analysis of Col. 3:16, 17, which is added to the present edition. There is also added, a brief historical survey of psalmody from the apostolic age down to the V. century. From this survey, it is hoped, that it will appear to the satisfaction of the reader, that while it is true, that there was at an early period, a departure from what we regard as scripture rule on this subject, as well as many others; yet, it is true, that the Psalms which were given by inspiration of God, have always been used by his church, in the celebration of his praise; that in the times of the greatest purity of the church, these Psalms have been most highly prized ; and that the principle which maintains, that they are not suitable to be employed in the worship of the church under the gospel dispensation, is a discovery of modern times.

Allegheny City, 1st April, 1848.