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Followeth that Part of Mr. Gillespie's Will, Unto which the Former Testimony Relateth.


Followeth that Part of Mr. Gillespie's Will, Unto which the Former Testimony Relateth.

James Dodson

Being through much weakness and sickness in expectation of my last change, I have thought good, by this my latter-will under my hand, to declare first of all, that the expectation of death, which appeareth not to be far off, doth not shake me from the faith and truth of Christ which I have professed and preached; neither do I doubt but this so much opposed covenant and reformation of the three kingdoms is of God, and will have a happy conclusion. It hath pleased God, who chooseth the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, and the things that are not to confound the things that are, to employ me (the unfittest and unworthiest among many thousands) in the advancing and promoting of that glorious work; and now I repent no forwardness or zeal that ever I had therein, and dare promise to as many as will be faithful and zealous in the cause of God, it shall be no grief of heart to them afterward, but matter of joy and peace, as this day I find it, through God's mercy, passing by my many and great infirmities, and approving my poor endeavours in his cause. But if there be a falling back to the sin of compliance with malignant ungodly men, then I look for the breaking out of the wrath of the Lord till there be no remedy. O that there were such a spirit, at least in such of our nobility as stand for the truth, that they may take more of God's counsel, and lean less to their own reason and understanding. As from dangers, on the other hand, from sectaries, I have been and am of the opinion, that they are to be prevented and avoided by all lawful means; but that the dangers from malignants are nearest and greatest in this kingdom.

Kirkaldy, Sept. 1, 1648.