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Note E.


Note E.

James Dodson

Union in the church of God is most desirable. The disruption of it never took place without a crime somewhere. But desirable as it is, we must not sacrifice truth to obtain it. I here quote with pleasure, the words of an accurate writer, who appears to understand the subject.

“I am, indeed, aware that there is much talk of union; that schemes are devised, no doubt with the best designs, for its extension; and you likewise know, that there is very little of it in the church. That there should be more is readily confessed. That means more efficient for its attainment must be employed, all but the most superficial thinkers do admit. Too much, we have reason to fear, is attempted on this subject by one effort, and that one not well directed. Under the influence of a thoughtless impulse: early opinions, ancient prejudices, and confirmed habits, may, for a moment be forgotten; but that impulse once gone, that moment past they will return in all their wonted force. So far as contending parties unite on principle, and for an unprincipled union, no man of enlightened piety will plead, it must be effected by deliberation, and a precise inspection of the ground on which they meet.”—[Gilbert] M’Master’s Apology for the Book of Psalms, p. 12, 13.