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James Dodson

NO one can write “Reminiscences,” “Personal Recollections,” or “Autobiography,” without liability to the imputation of egotism. Yet who can so accurately describe the inward and outward life of any man as himself? Many memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies, have been both entertaining and instructive, which no one but a cynical critic would impute to egotism. Moses, David, Paul, and others, intermingled reminiscences and autobiography with the record of their respective times. Their examples may be safely followed in subservience to the glory of God and the welfare of man. Such are the objects contemplated in this work.

It is not expected that the present publication will be popular with the present generation. The topics treated are not adapted to the tastes of many in this age, and to most persons the principles discussed will be as riddles—quite enigmatical (Psalm 78:2). The testimony of Christ’s witnesses has never been acceptable to the world, least of all to backsliders. Nevertheless, there is warrantable ground to expect that what is contained in the following pages will be helpful to some in following ages, who may be moved by the Spirit of God to inquire and search for the “landmarks which the fathers have set.” Among these will be found that grand “international document,” the Solemn League, ready to be placed in the foundation of the millennial temple. “When the Lord shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory,” and, with an eye to that highest and most desirable end, this contribution is with humble confidence committed to his patronage.


September, 1883.