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James Dodson


NORTHWOOD, Logan Co., Ohio, Aug. 30th, 1858.

PRESBYTERY met, pursuant to adjournment, and was constituted by prayer. The following members were present, Rev. J.J. Peoples, Rev. D. Steele, with Messrs. Samuel W. Cawser and Matthew Mitchell, ruling elders. Rev. J.J. Peoples was constituted moderator, and M. Mitchell appointed clerk. Messrs. Thomas Fulton and John D. French, elders, on invitation, took seats as consultative members. Minutes of last meeting were read and approved.

Unfinished business was called up, when Mr. J.F. Fulton proceeded to deliver one of the pieces of trial formerly assigned. After some remarks by the members of Presbytery, the court adjourned to meet here on to-morrow, at 10 o’clock, A.M. Closed with prayer.

SAME PLACE, Aug. 31st, 10 o’clock, A.M.

Court met and constituted by prayer. All the members present. The business on hand at last sitting was resumed; when Mr. Fulton was called upon to deliver the additional pieces assigned, with a view to licensure. After various pieces had been heard, and critical remarks made by members of court, they were unanimously sustained. It was then

Resolved, That Mr. J.F. Fulton now receive license. The Moderator called upon Rev. D. Steele to lead in the action, when the usual formula of questions was proposed, prayer offered, some counsel and caution tendered, and the candidate licensed to preach the everlasting gospel, as a probationer for the office of the Christian ministry.

It was moved and carried, that the whole matter of the call from Hill Prairie upon Rev. D. Steele, be reconsidered. After considerable discussion, the following action was taken in the case, that

Whereas, The Rev. D. Steele has been unable, up to this time, to arrange his domestic affairs with a view to removing to a new charge; and

Whereas, The congregation of Brush Creek have not hitherto laid on Presbytery's table their reasons of remonstrance; therefore,

Resolved, That the whole matter lie on the table till next meeting.

The following appointments were made for supplying with preaching, &c.: Mr. Fulton at Walnut Ridge, Indiana; Maroa Station, Macon co. Ill.; and in the vicinity of Monmouth, Warren county, Illinois, till next Presbytery. The time and number of Sabbaths were left discretionary. Mr. Peoples was appointed to supply in Indiana and Illinois, by agreement with Mr. Fulton; and D. Steele to supply Hill Prairie congregation till next meeting of Presbytery.

The court adjourned to meet in Hill Prairie, Randolph co. Ill., on the second Monday of March, 1859. Closed with prayer.

J.J. PEOPLES, Moderator.