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Sabbath Keeping Ordinance


Sabbath Keeping Ordinance

James Dodson

 By the Mayor. 
To the Aldermen of the several Wards in London.

Forasmuch as the Lord’s day, commonly called Sunday, is of late much broken and profaned by a disorderly sort of people, in frequenting Taverns, Alehouses, and the like, and in carrying and putting to sale Victual, and other things, and exercising unlawful Games and Pastimes, to the great dishonour of God, and reproach of Religion, whereof the House of Commons now assembled hath been pleased to take notice, and by their Order, intimation hath been by me given, that the Statutes for the due observance of that day should be put in execution.

These are therefore to will and require you forthwith upon sight hereof to give strict charge and command unto all and every the Churchwardens and Constables within your Ward, that from henceforth they do not permit or suffer any person, or persons in the time of Divine Service, or at any time upon the Lords day, to be tippling in any Tavern, Inn, Tobacco-shop, Alehouse, or other Victualling house whatsoever, not suffer any Fruitterers or Herb-women to stand with Fruit, Herbs, or other Victual, or Wares, in any Streets, Lanes, or Allies within your Ward, or any other ways to put those or any other things to sale on that day, at any time of the day, or in the evening thereof, or any Milk-women to cry Milk on that day in any the Streets, or places aforesaid, nor to permit or suffer any person or persons to use or exercise upon that day, their labour in unlading any vessels of Fruit or other Goods, and carrying Goods on shore, or in the streets, or to do any unlawful exercise and pastimes, within your Ward, and that express charge be given to every keeper of any Tavern, Inn, Cooks shops, Tobacco-house, Ale-house, or any other Tippler or Victualler whatsoever, within your Ward, that hereafter they receive not, or suffer to remain any person or persons whatsoever, as their Guests or Customers to tipple, eat, drink, or take Tobacco, in their houses upon the Lords day, other than that Inn-holders may receive their ordinary Guests, or Travelers, and such like, who come to remain for a time in their Inn, for dispatch of their necessary business. And if any person or persons shall be found offending in the premises, that then they be brought before me the Lord Mayor or some other of his Majesties Justices of the Peace, to the end they may receive such punishment, as to Justice shall appertain. And hereof not to fail, as you will answer the contrary at your peril.

March 23. 1642.