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Ordinance by which the County Palatine of Lancaster is Divided into Nine Classical Presbyteries Following:


Ordinance by which the County Palatine of Lancaster is Divided into Nine Classical Presbyteries Following:

James Dodson

Die Veneris, 2 Octob. 1646.

The first Classis to contain

Manchester parish, Prestwick parish, Oldham parish, Flixton parish, Ecles parish, and Ashton-under-line parish.

Ministers fit to be of the first Classis:

Mr. Richard Heyrick, and Mr. Richard Hollinworth of Manchester, Mr. John Angier of Denton, Mr. William Walker of Newton, Mr. Toby Furnes of Prestwich, Mr. Humphrey Barnet of Oldham, Mr. John Jones of Eccles, Mr. John Harrison of Ashton-under-line.

Others fit to be of the first Classis:

Robert Hyde of Denton, Richard Howorth of Manchester. Robert Ashton of Shepley and Thomas Strangewayes of Garton, Esquires; William Booth of Reddish, John Gaskel of Manchester, Edward Sandiforth of Oldham, John Birch of Openshaw, Thomas Smith of Manchester, Peter Serjant of Pinkington and Robert Leech of Ashton parish, Gentlemen; John Wright of Bradford, William Peak of Worsley, Thomas Taylor of Flixton parish, Thomas Barlow of Eccles parish, and Peter Seddon of Pilkington, Yeomen; and James Jolly or Drovisden, Gentleman.

The second Classis to contain

Bolton parish, Middleton parish, Bury parish, Ratchdale parish, Dean parish, Radcliff parish.

The Ministers fit to be of the second Classis:

Mr. John Harper of Bolton, Mr. Wil: Ashton of Middleton, Mr. William Alte, Mr. Andrew Lathom, Mr. Jonathan Scolfield of Bury, Mr. Robert Bathe of Ratchdale, Mr. Alex. Horrocks, Mr. John Tilseley, Mr. James Walton of Dean, Mr. Tho: Pyke of Radcliff.

Others fit to be of the second Classis:

Ralph Ashton of Middleton, John Bradshaw of Bradshaw, Edmund Hopwood of Hopwood, and Robert Leaver of Darcy-Leaver, Esquires; John Andrews of Little-Leaver, Robert Heywood of Heywood, Peter Holt of Heap, Arthur Smeathurst of Heap, and Tho: Eccersal of Bury, Gentlemen; Edward Butterworth of Belfield Esquire, John Scolfield of Castleton, Yeoman; Emanuel Thompson of Ratchdale, Clothier; Samuel Wylde of Ratchdale, Mercer; James Stot of Healy, and Robert Pares of Ratchdale, Gent. Ralph Worthington of Smithil, Esquire; Gyles Green of West-Houghton, Yeoman; Henry Molyneux of West-Houghton, Gent. Henry Sedden of Heaton, and Roger Hardman of Radcliff, Yeomen; John Bradshaw of Darcy-Leaver, Gent. Richard Dickonson of Aynsworth, Yeoman.

The third Classis to contain

Blackburn parish, Whalley parish, Chipping parish, Ribble Chester parish.

The Ministers fit to be of the third Classis:

Mr. Adam Boulton of Blackburn, Mr. Robert Worthington of Harwood, Mr. Richard. Redman of Lowchurch, Mr. William Walker of Whalley, Mr. Henry Morrice of Burnley, Mr. John Bryers of Padiham, Mr. William Ingham of Church, Mr. John King of Chippin.

Others fit to be of the third Classis:

Sir Ralph Ashton Baronet, Richard Shuttleworth senior, Richard Shuttleworth junior, John Starkey, John Parker and Richard Ashton of Downham, Esquires; John Livesay of Livesay, Thomas Barcroft of Barcroft, Nicholas Cunliff of Wycollar, Robert Cunliff of Sparth, John Cunliff of Hollins, Nicholas Rashton of Auteley, Richard Geliborn of Bedwood, William Yates of Blackburn, John Howorth of Clayton, Thomas Whalley of Rishton, and Charls Gregory of Hallinden, Gentlemen.

The fourth Classis to contain

Warrington parish, Winwike parish, Leigh parish, Wigam parish, Holland parish, Prescot parish.

The Ministers fit to be of the fourth Classis:

Mr. Charls Herl of Winwick, Mr. Thomas Norman of Newton, Mr. James Wood of Ashton, Mr. Wil: Leigh of New-Church, Mr. Henry Atherton of Hollinkaire, Mr. Bradley Hayhurst of Leigh, Mr. Tho: Crompton of Astley, Mr. James Bradshaw of Wigan, Mr. Tho: Tonge of Hindley, Mr. Henry Shaw of Holland, Mr. Wil: Plant of Farnworth, Mr. Richard Modeseley of Ellins, Mr. Timothy Smith of Raineforth, Mr. John Wright of Billing.

Others fit to be of the fourth Classis:

William Ashhurst of Ashhurst, and Peter Brook of Sanky, Esquires; William Vernon of Shakerley, John Dunbabin of Warrington, Thomas Risley of Warrington, Robert Watmough of Winwick, Gilbert Eden of Winwick, and John Ashton of Newton, Gentlemen; George Aynsworth of Newton, Yeoman; James Pilkington of Ashton, Gent. Arthur Leech of Westleigh, Peter Smith of Westleigh, and Thomas Guest of Astley, Yeomen, Richard Ashtley of Tildsley, Henry Morrice of Atherton, Alexander Tompson of Wigan, Peter Harrison of Hinley, Thomas Sephton of Skerndsdale, Jeffery Birchal of Orrel, and John Lathom of Whiston, Gentlemen; George Dean of Ranhil, and John Rylands of Sutton, Yeomen; William Barns of Sanky, John Marsh of Bold, Thurstian Peak of Warrington, and Ewan Heaton of Billing, Gentlemen; Roger Toppoing of Dalton, and Peter Leyland of Haddock, Yeomen.

The fifth Classis to contain

Walton parish, Hyton parish, Childwal parish, Sephton parish, Alker parish, Northmeals parish, Halsal parish, Ormeskirk parish, Aughton parish.

The Ministers fit to be of the fifth Classis:

Mr. William Ward of Walton, Mr. John Fog of Liverpool, Mr. Robert Port of Toxteth, Mr. Richard Pickering of Kirkeby, Mr. William Norcot of Darby, Mr. William Bell of Hyton, Mr. David Ellison of Childwal, Mr. Henry Bolton of Hale, Mr. Joseph Tompson of Sephton, Mr. John Kid of Crosby, Mr. Robert Seddon of Alker, Mr. James Starky of Northmeals, Mr. Thomas Johnson of Halsal, Mr. William Dune of Ormeskirk, Mr. James Worral of Aughton.

Others fit to be of the fifth Classis:

John Moor and Gilbert Ireland, Esquires; John Willinson senior of Liverpool, Gent. Nicholas Cooper of Kirkdale, and Edward Chambers of Liverpool, Yeomen; Jeremiah Aspinwal of Toxteth, and Peter Ambrose of Toxteth, Gent. Henry Woods of Kirkby, and Thomas Thomason of Darby, Yeomen; Henry Mercer of Darby, Gent. Thomas Tyrer of Hyton, Bryan Soothworth of Tarbock, John Willinson of Woolton, Thomas Rothwel of Ince, and William Watkinson of Blowick, Yeomen; Wil: Plomb of Woolton, James Moss of Crossens, Thomas Hesketh of Halsal, Thomas Bootle of Melling, Hugh Cooper of Ormskerk, Peter Blundel of Scarisbrick, and James Cross of Aughton, Gentlemen; and William Wilson of Lidgat, Yeoman.

The sixth Classis to contain

Croston parish, Leyland parish, Standish parish, Eccleston parish, Penwortham parish, Hool parish, Brindle parish.

The Ministers fit to be of the sixth Classis:

Mr. James Hyet of Croston, Mr. Paul Lathom of Standish, Mr. Edw: Gee of Eccleston, Mr. Hen: Wetch of Chorley, Mr. James Langley of Leyland, Mr. Ralph Marsden of Brindel.

Others fit to be of the sixth Classis:

Sir Richard Houghton Baronet, Peter Cateral of Crook Esquire, Thomas Wilson of Wrightington, John Cliff of Brotherton, John Benson of Winnel, and Ralph Leaver of Chorley, Gentlemen; Roger Haddock of Chorley, Edward Doughty of Adlington, John Pincock of Euxton, Alexander Chisnal of Whittle, George Dandy of Croston, Thomas Wasley of Chorley, John Crane of Eccleston, and John Cowdray of Lougton, Yeomen.

The seventh Classis to contain

Preston parish, Kirkham parish, Garstrange parish, Poulton parish.

The Ministers fit to be of the seventh Classis:

Mr. Isaac Ambrose of Preston, Mr. Robert Yates of Preston, Mr. Edward Fleetwood of Kirkham, Mr. Thomas Cranage of Gosenargh, Mr. Christopher Edmondson of Garstange, Mr. John Sumner of Poulton.

Others fit to be of the seventh Classis:

Alexander Rigby and William Laugton, Esquires; Matthew Addinson of Preston, William Sudal of Preston, William Cottam of Preston, Edward Downs of Wessam, Thomas Nickson of Plomton, Robert Crane of Leaton, William Latewise of Cateral, and Richard Whitehead of Garstrange, Gentlemen; Edward Veal of Laugton Esquire, Richard Wilkins of Kirkham, and Edmond Turner of Gosenarge, Yeomen.

The eighth Classis to contain

Lancaster parish, Cockerman parish, Claughton parish, Melling parish, Tathan parish, Tunstal parish, Wittington parish, Warton parish, Boulton parish, Helton parish, Hosom parish.

The Ministers fit to be of the eighth Classis:

Mr. Nehemiah Barnet of Lancester, Mr. John Sill of Gressingham, Mr. Peter Atkinson of Ellel, Mr. Nicholas Smith of Tatham, Mr. Richard Jackson of Whittington, Mr. Richard Walton of Warton, Mr. John Jaques of Bolton, Mr. Thomas Whitehead of Halton.

Others fit to be of the eighth Classis:

Henry Potter of Lancaster, William West of Middleton, William Turner of Melling, Thomas Rippon of Lancaster, William Gardner of Gloston, Thomas Toulson of Lancaster, George Toulson of Lancaster, Thomas Clayton of Wiersdale, and Robert Curwen of Kellet, Gentlemen; William Greenback of Halton, James Thornton of Melling, William Wither of Brownedge, Edmond Barwick of Highfield, Robert Eskrig of Whittington, Henry Storry of Storry, Christopher Shearson of Ellel, Henry Holm of Keller, and Robert Lucas of Kellar, Yeomen.

The ninth Classis to contain

Aldingham parish, Ureswick parish, Ulnerston parish, Hauxhead parish, Coulton parish, Doulton parish, Cartmel parish, Kirkby parish, Vennington parish.

The Ministers fit to be of the ninth Classis:

Mr. Thomas Shaw of Adingham, Mr. Philip Bennet of Ulnerston, Mr. Kemp of Hauxhead, Mr. Bryan Willow of Coulton, Mr. John Marigold of Cartmel.

Others fit to be of the ninth Classis:

Thomas Fell and Edward Rigby Esquires, Adam Sands of Booth, John Sawry of Plympton, William Knipe of Cartmel, Robert Rawlinson of Greehead, Thomas Fell of Scarthewhet, and William Rawlinson of Grathwhet, Gentlemen; Thomas Daubson of Leer, and Richard Myres of Beleef, Yeomen.

Die Veneris, 2. Octob. 1646.
Resolved by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament;

That they do approve of the Division of the county of Lancaster into the Nine Classical Presbyteries represented from the said county.

Resolved, &c. That the said Houses do approve of the Ministers and other persons represented from the county of Lancaster, as fit to be of the several and respective Classis into which the said county is divided.