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A Testimony Against several Prophane and Superstitious Customs.


A Testimony Against several Prophane and Superstitious Customs.

James Dodson

Now Practised by some in
The Evil whereof is evinced from the
Holy Scriptures, and from the
Writings both of Ancient
and Modern Divines.

By Increase Mather,

Teacher of a Church in Boston, and Rector of Harvard College at Cambridge in NEW-ENGLAND.

They turned quickly out of the Way, which their Fathers walked, in Obeying the Commandment of the Lord; but they did not so, Judg. 2:17.

The Customs of the People are Vain. Jer. 10:3.

Ego (inquit Apostolus) omnibus per omnia placeo, Nimirum Saturnalia, & Calendas Januarias celebrans, hominibus placebat? An Modestia, Patientia, an Humanitate, an Integritate Timent Gentes ne viderentur Christiani. Nos ne Ethnici pronunciemur non veremur. Tertullian De Idololatr. Cap. 14.


Printed in the Year, 1687.