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James Dodson

THE Ministers who protested against the enactment of a New Testimony and some other late Deeds of the General Associate Synod, having constituted themselves into a distinct Presbytery, and appointed their Deed of Constitution, with some Reasons of it, to be published, reckoned it proper that this should be accompanied with a fuller statement and explanation of the principle heads of controversy between the Synod and them.—Having recommended it to some members to prepare materials with this view, a draught was produced and read before them, which they appointed the Subscriber to arrange and publish with all convenient speed. But as they had an opportunity of deliberately revising the whole, they cannot be considered as responsible for every particular expression or sentiment in the Statement. Nor is it to be understood that they have no other objections against the Narrative and Testimony, or grounds of dissatisfaction with the proceedings of Synod, previous to the enactment of these, besides those which are here brought into view. Dissents were separately given in by particular brethren, from which they never saw cause to recede; and some charges were mentioned or referred to in the last of the remonstrances, which are not fallen from; although they could not be discussed in this publication. The Presbytery jointly, or individual members of it, retain their right of explaining or enlarging the grounds of contending, as they may see cause.



April 10, 1807.

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