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Thomas Sproull (1803-1892)


Thomas Sproull (1803-1892)

James Dodson

Biographical Sketch

Born near Lucesco, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, September 15, 1803.  He received his early education in a private Academy, and graduated from the Western University of Pennsylvania in 1829.  He studied theology under the direction of the Rev. Dr. John Black of Pittsburgh, and was licensed by the Pittsburgh Presbytery, April 4, 1832.  He was ordained sine cura by the same Presbytery, as a Home Missionary, April 4, 1833.  He was installed pastor of the congregation of Pittsburgh and Allegheny, Pennsylvania, May 12, 1834, which became the Allegheny congregation, October 17, 1865, and continued in this charge until October 13, 1868.  In 1838, he was chosen Professor of Theology in the Allegheny Seminary, and resigned in 1845.  He was re-elected to the professorship in 1856 and made Professor Emeritus in 1874.  His labor in the Seminary continued until within one year of his death, which occurred March 21, 1892.