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Hugh Binning (1627-1653)


Hugh Binning (1627-1653)

James Dodson

Biographical Sketch

Hugh Binning was son of John Binning and Margaret M’Kell, daughter of Matthew M’Kell, minister of Bothwell, and sister of Hugh M’Kell, one of the ministers of Edinburgh. His father’s worldly circumstances were so good that Hugh was given a very liberal education. Before the age of fourteen, he entered upon the study of philosophy in the University of Glasgow. By the age of nineteen, he became regent and professor of philosophy. After three years as a professor of philosophy, he was called to be minister of Govan, which is adjacent to the city of Glasgow. When the split occurred between the Resolutioners and Protesters, Binning sided with the latter. It is said that the Presbyterians and Independents, disputing before Cromwell while he was in Scotland, Mr. Binning, being present, so managed the controverted points, that he silenced Cromwell’s ministers. After labouring four years in the gospel ministry, Binning died of consumption, in 1653.