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James Dodson




NORTH UNION, Butler Co., Pa., June 6, 1897.


The General Meeting of the Reformed Presbyterian Church convened, according to adjournment, and was opened with prayer. Members present: James F. Fulton, minister; George Love, H.M. Hartzell and D. A. Renfrew, of North Union congregation; George Alexander, of Allegheny City; Robert Alexander, of Philadelphia, and William Edgar, of Mediapolis, Iowa.

George Love was continued chairman.

The financial report of George Alexander and H.M. Hartzell was approved.

Mr. D.A. Renfrew, having, on account of the infirmities of age, resigned the office of treasurer, H.M. Hartzell was appointed his successor.

The chairman of the Committee on the Signs of the Times reported that owing to continued ill health he was unable, to prepare the report. The committee was continued and directed to prepare Causes of Fasting and Thanksgiving, and to publish them with the minutes.

The treasurer was directed to pay for the printing of the minutes out of the fund on hand and to give the remainder of said fund to James F. Fulton.

The days of Fasting and Thanksgiving had been observed. The last Thursday of November, 1897, was appointed a day of Thanksgiving, and the last day of February, 1898, a day of Fasting.

James F. Fulton, James Blair, H.M. Hartzell and Robert Alexander were appointed a committee on the Signs of the Times, to report at our next meeting.

The meeting adjourned by prayer to meet in the bounds of North Union congregation on the first Monday of June, 1898.

GEORGE LOVE, Chairman.

H.M. HARTZELL, Permanent Clerk.