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Lutheran & Other

The Theater.-1863-Fales Henry Newhall (1827-1883)-A sermon by a prominent Methodist Episcopal minister wherein he decries the inherent immorality of the theater as an institution and theatrical amusements as entertainment.

A Time to Dance. A Sermon on Dancing.-1867-J.R. Sikes (1832-1895).-A scathing attack on the modern dance by a Lutheran minister who advances a series of arguments against Christians participating in ballroom dancing.

Messiah’s Second Advent.-1900-Calvin Goodspeed (1842-1912).-Baptist theologian Calvin Goodspeed presents a thorough and popular treatment of the subject of eschatology showing that Postmillennialism is the teaching of the Bible. One of the strengths of this book is Goodspeed’s careful exposition of many of the Scripture passages bearing on the topic.

The Post-Millennial Advent.-1900-Alexander Hardie (1841-1936).-This remarkable primer, by a Methodist minister, was praised by B.B. Warfield as being a “vest-pocket” defense of Postmillennialism. It is concise and notable for its exposition of Jesus’ “little” apocalypse.