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United Societies

An Informatory Vindication.-1687-James Renwick and Alexander Shields.-This is an extensive apologetic for the course of act taken by the United Societies during the latter end of the Killing Times. It explains their beliefs and their actions in the face of the prevailing currents of apostasy and the vicious persecution that ensued on the covenant keepers.

The Declaration of a Poor, wasted, misrepresented Remnant, of the suffering, Anti-popish, Anti-prelatic, Anti-erastian, Anti-sectarian, true Presby­terian church of Christ, in Scotland.-1692-The United Societies.-In this early declaration, the covenanting Societies lament the defection of the three ministers (Shields, Linning and Boyd) into the Revolution church but they pledge to maintain the cause of covenanted reformation to the best of their ability.

The Protestation & Apologetic Declaration, & Admonitory Vindication.-1695-The United Societies.-This paper decries the wicked confederacies and lamentable defections that had become wide spread in the Church of Scotland contrary to their covenant engagements.

The Protestation, Apologetic Declaration, & Admonitory Vindication.-1703-The United Societies.-A testimony issued against the unlawfulness of the present magistrate, the fruit of covenanting breaking, and a plea for a return to covenanted reformation.

A Protestation and Testimony Against the Incorporating Union with England.-1707-The United Societies.-A testimony against the prevailing evils of the day (1707) with a particular emphasis upon the wickedness of the political union of England and Scotland and its violation of the covenant engagements of both nations.

Renovation of Covenants, Auchensaugh.-1712-John McMillan I. together with Mr. John McNeil.-This is the historical account of the renewal of the Covenants, National and Solemn League, by the early Old Dissenters, or Covenanters together with a record of the transaction.

The True Copy of the Declaration Published at Auchensaugh nigh Douglas.-1719-The United Societies.-A published declaration from 1718 by the Covenanters testifying against the national reception of the House of Hanover (George I.) and its clandestine Lutheranism.