"The power imposing this Covenant [i.e., the Solemn League and Covenant], was a Parliament, the Collective Body of the Kingdom; Duly Summoned, Regularly Elected and Returned; Rightly Constituted, and Readily Embraced by King and Kingdom, and animated with more than ordinary Parliamentary power, by the Bill for their continuance against all Casualties, so as not to be Prorogued, Adjourned, or Dissolved, without their own consent: And can any True-born English-man (in any measure acquainted with the constitution of this Kingdom, or the Authority of the high Court or Parliament) deny these to be a just and lawful Authority to resolve, order, and enjoyn, yea, and execute their Resolves, Orders and Injunctions, during the being of their power...."Zechariah Crofton, The Fastning of St. Peters Fetters, (1660). 

Works by and Related to the Work of the English Parliament:

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