Alexander McLeod
Alexander McLeod (1773-1833)
 Biographical Sketch

Born in the Isle of Mull, Scotland, June 12, 1774.  His father was a distinguished minister of the Church of Scotland.  He came to America, by way of Liverpool, England, in the spring of 1792.  Soon after his arrival in New York, he moved up the Hudson to Albany, then to Schenectady, New York.  At the establishment of Union College, he became a student and graduated with honour in 1798.  He joined the Covenanter Church in Princetown, New York, under the eminent James McKinney.  He studied theology under his direction, and was licensed by the Reformed Presbytery, at Coldenham, New York, June 24, 1799.  In the fall of 1800, he was called to the pastorate of Coldenham and New York, but he declined because there were slave-holders among those who signed the call.  The matter was brought before Presbytery, which court enacted, without a dissenting voice, that "no slave-holder should be allowed the communion of the Church."  During 1830, he travelled to Europe for his health, and returned much improved.  Whilst absent, he was elected Professor of Theology, which position he occupied until his death.  He died at his New York residence, February 17, 1833.


  • Negro Slavery Unjustifiable.
  • Messiah, Governor of the Nations of the Earth.
  • The Ecclesiastical Catechism; Being a Series of Questions Relative to the Christian Church, Stated and Answered, with the Scripture Proofs.
  • The Constitution, Character and Duties of the Gospel Ministry.
  • Lectures Upon the Principal Prophecies of the Revelation.
  • A Scriptural View of the Character, Causes and Ends of the Present War.
  • The Life and Power of True Godliness.

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