"I ask our Author, Whether or not a particular visible Church, who have embraced one Confession of Faith, one Form of Church-government, one Directory for Worship, may require it of all her Members, in order to full Communion in all sealing Ordinances, that they confess, acknowledge, and swear to abide in the Profession and Obedience of the same Doctrine, Worship, Government and Discipline? Is not this a publick Confessing and Avouching of the Lord and his Truths? Is not this necessary to the Unity of the particular Organick Body? Is it not warranted from the Word of the Lord? as Jer. 4:2; Micah 4:2; Zech 2:2. Is it not a very proper Mean to excite all the Members of a Church to search into the Scriptures, that they may know and be established in the Principles which they profess? Is it not a very useful and necessary Mean to preserve a Church from Corruption and Degeneracy from such Steps of Reformation as she has already attained unto?"William Wilson, A Defence of the Reformation Principles of the Church of Scotland (1739).

Works on Ecclesiastical Terms of Communion:

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